Evaluating ML/AI Models in Clinical Research

The number of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) models published in clinical research is increasing yearly. Whether clinicians choose to dive deep into the mathematical and computer science underpinnings of these algorithms or simply want to be conscientious consumers of new and relevant research to their line of work, it is important to … Read more

Setting Expectations for AI Models in Medicine

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic in every field, and these algorithms are being widely used in scientific research. Particularly in my field of genetics and genomics, machine learning methods are invaluable for gleaning insights from large amounts of highly dimensional data. But there are many things to consider before applying AI and ML in … Read more

Buzzword Alert! Artificial Intelligence – Just the Hype Man or a Genuine Showstopper?

Conversations of the utility and promise of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) permeate all fields of medicine, and cardiology is no exception. A quick search shows that 69 posters containing the keywords “machine learning” made it into AHA’s Scientific Sessions 2020. But is it for real? Will we really see a future in … Read more

Can artificial intelligence save our lives?

The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in our life is advancing rapidly and is making strides in the early detection of diseases. The consumer market is composed of wearable health devices that enables continuous ambulatory monitoring of vital signs during daily life (at rest or physical activity), or in a clinical environment with the advantage … Read more

Artificial Intelligence in Cardiology: Opportunities for Cardio-Oncology

History was made recently with the inaugural and first ever continuing medical education conference on artificial intelligence (#AI) in Cardiology. While most of the presentations were on artificial intelligence or cardiology or both, several sessions also made reference to other fields in which AI has been or is being used, such as Oncology. There was … Read more