The Adaptation of Virtual Learning Platforms for Scientific Sessions: A Change Worth Keeping!

It was Sunday, February 23rd when I boarded my first and last flights of 2020. It was one of those very rare trips where you’re roundtrip would be within 12 hours.  Destination: Cardiovascular Research Technologies 2020 meeting in National Harbor, Maryland.  Why only a one-day trip? It was all I could swing with my clinical … Read more

Tips from TIPS-3: an International Polycap Study

The burden of cardiovascular disease (CVD) is increasing globally despite some favorable changes in epidemiology during the last three decades. Changes in the mortality rate of CVD are to some extent explained by changes in the main CVD risk factors. The burden of CVD across low- and middle-income countries (LMIC), now accounts for 75% of … Read more

AHA2020 – The Next Steps in Treating Heart Failure

AHA 2020 came and went, and now is the time to put into context the scientific advances presented. While all areas of cardiology saw therapeutic innovations, the ever-evolving landscape for heart failure (HF) therapies stood out in particular. These were among the key discoveries shared at AHA20 in the HF space: GALACTIC-HF: In patients with … Read more

Building Your Brand: Research Career Planning and Scientific Writing

AHA 20 had a fantastic session titled “Building Your Brand” and it provided excellent insights on how to be a successful researcher in academic medicine. Panel participants Dr. Erin Michos, Dr. Louise McCullough, Dr. Andrew Landstrom, and Dr. Pradeep Natarajan shared their stories on how they got involved in research and the lessons they learned … Read more

Lose the COVID, Keep the Virtual Platform

As we close the chapter on a successful—if different—AHA conference in this pandemic year, and usher in the much-anticipated vaccination phase of the global pandemic, it is worth taking a moment to consider what future science and scientific conferences may gain from the insights of 2020 in the years to come and beyond. As my … Read more

#AHA20: Reflections from 2020 AHA Scientific Sessions

As an American Heart Association Early Career Professional, attending the #2020 AHA Scientific Sessions will be an unforgettable experience. The virtual modality of the conference provided an alternative to the social distancing challenges presented by COVID-19. There was creativity in the programming to allow opportunity to engage through the various forums and live chats for … Read more

Be In the Room Where It Happens

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” ––Charles Dickens COVID pandemics has changed courses in many people’s lives, as well as approaches in professional development. Amidst many obstacles and disadvantages in 2020, the American Heart Association (AHA) made a remarkable attempt to host a successful virtual scientific conference and brought … Read more

COVID-19 and Historical Distrust

As a member of the AHA FIT programming subcommittee, I could not have been more excited about the upcoming scientific sessions meeting. The planning for this meeting began many months in advance with lots of zoom sessions, emails, and organizing to help lay the groundwork for a successful event. As a new member of the … Read more

Virtual Meeting Preparation and Reflection of Scientific Sessions 2020

As I complete my first virtual meeting of 2020 as a graduate student in science, there was two things I decided to take away from Scientific Sessions 2020. First, there is a specific agenda you could create to help yourself at professional conference meetings. I have some tips on getting involved with the content at … Read more