Sleep and Ideal Cardiovascular Health

During the AHA’s Scientific Session 2021, heart health, defined by the Life’s Simple 7 metric, was often woven into health equity conversations. Empirical evidence consistently supports AHA’s recognition of these seven risk factors that people can avoid or improve on through lifestyle changes to help achieve ideal cardiovascular health. Regardless of how challenging this goal … Read more

Start 2021 in a Good Night Sleep

Should you make new year’s resolutions? Many may think the new year’s resolutions are meaningless. Especially after a year of frustration and uncertainty, New year’s resolutions seem less encouraging. A few small and attainable goals could help to provide a sense of purpose and improve our well-being. The most popular goals for new year’s resolutions … Read more

Why We Sleep, and Why Don’t We Let Hospitalized Patients Sleep?

Last month, I wrote about my newfound fascination with wearables and the physiological parameters I now measure on myself. One of these metrics is my “recovery score,” (Figure 1) which is heavily determined by the quantity, quality, and consistency (the regularity of the times at which I go to sleep each night and wake up … Read more