The Pursuit of Gender Equality: A WISE Idea

Each year, the second Sunday of May is observed as Mother’s Day. This day provides an opportunity to celebrate and honor the mothers in our lives. Mothers make many sacrifices to ensure that their kids lead healthy and successful lives. They continually strive to balance their family and professional responsibilities. Women often put their careers … Read more

Statins for Chronic Subdural Hemorrhage: Pleiotropy and Pathophysiology

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, or statins, are widely used for lipid lowering to risk the risk of cardiovascular disease. Based on the suspected pleiotropic effects of statin medications, such as their anti-inflammatory and endothelial stabilization effects, trials of statin medications for non-cardiovascular indications have proliferated. Statin medications have been tested for indications ranging from acute respiratory … Read more

Stroke Advances In 2017: An Overview, Reflections, And A Call To Action

2017 gave us numerous dramatic advances in stroke neurology. We were treated to compelling data regarding the favorability of patent foramen ovale closure in well-selected individuals with cryptogenic stroke.1,2,3 Endovascular therapy matured with the extension of the treatment time window.4 We even saw promising rehabilitation data regarding surgical nerve transfer for chronic spastic arm paralysis.5 … Read more