Atrial Structure and Function – Methodology of Atrial Strain

“If echocardiographers are to stand still, depend on standard 2D echo imaging using equipment produced a decade ago and not upgraded since, perform “ejectionfractionograms,” focus primarily on the left ventricle and simply ‘‘eyeball’’ the other chambers, and avoid new methods such as strain imaging and contrast echo because they are perceived as ‘‘a waste of … Read more

Right Ventricular Structure and Function

The effect of anticancer medication on the (LV) function and structure has been extensively investigated in comparison to the right ventricle (RV). In general, it’s known that deterioration of RV function is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. However, despite advancement in echocardiographic and other imaging techniques, the RV assessment remains challenging in comparison to the LV. … Read more

Cardiac Longitudinal Function: GLS vs. MAPSE

Over the history of echocardiography, there have been a multitude of research studies on the feasibility, reproducibility and the prognostic values of different echocardiographic parameters in different disease groups. Fifty years later, no single echocardiographic parameter is unique for assessment of the cardiac structure and function. Even the most widely used measurement for left ventricle … Read more