A Short Look on Microbiome and Lipid Metabolism

Previously, I discussed how important gut microbiota is in disease condition and how it may contribute to TLR4 signaling pathway. In today’s post, I will discuss how gut microbiome can affect lipid metabolism. Several studies supported a role for gut microbiota in the modulation of lipid metabolism1-3. In one of the early studies on this … Read more

Lipid-lowering Therapy In Young Adults: Do We Need To Re-invent The Wheel Or Just Align It?

Elevated cholesterol levels or hypercholesterolemia can be found for years or even decades, before individuals present with cardiovascular disease and complications such as myocardial infarction, stroke, or sudden cardiac death. The diagnosis of hypercholesterolemia and its treatment along with healthy lifestyle changes including a healthy diet and exercise as well as blood pressure control, are … Read more