#HeartFailure: Remember the hashtag #GDMTworks

I have always been fascinated by the advances in heart failure specially with the mechanical circulatory support (MSC) devices. Cardiogenic shock is no longer simply cardiogenic shock but a syndrome with a wide array of different presentations as demonstrated by the SCAI Expert Consensus on the Classifications of Cardiogenic Shock (Figure 1) or better yet … Read more

Engaging the Youth with Technology in CPR Education

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who would counter the argument that education in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is very important; you would also struggle to find anyone in the healthcare field who would not counter you if you said you said you found the experience of becoming certified and re-certified exhilarating or “fun.” Every … Read more

Digital health: Four insights for early career members from Scientific Sessions 2019

What is digital health? Digital health is the application of digital technology using mobile applications or wearable sensors for the betterment of health.1 This offers a distinct pathway for advancing healthcare as compared to medical devices and drugs. Digital health is uniquely positioned to tackle multiple unmet needs in healthcare such as improving medication adherence, … Read more

AHA19: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology Scientific Updates

This weekend, I was fortunate to attend the American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions 2019 in Philadelphia. Based on my career interest, I was keen to attend sessions related to the field of arrhythmia and electrophysiology. While late-breaking trials such as ISCHEMIA, COLCOT and DAPA-HF have appropriately and expectedly dominated the highlights of the scientific … Read more

My Top 10 Take Home Points from The ISCHEMIA Trial

The long awaited results of the ISCHEMIA trial were presented at this weekend’s American Heart Association’s annual scientific meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by the Principal Investigator Dr. Judith Hochman (1). This study was a randomized parallel multicenter study that had an aim to compare outcomes of patients with stable ischemic heart disease and had moderate … Read more

Doctor Knows Best? Trust and Empathy in Medicine

These American Heart Association Scientific Sessions have been a breathtaking representation of the diversity, potential and scientific progression of the greater cardiovascular diseases community. Among the flashing lights of landmark trials, late-breaking sessions and Cardiology fanfare, a small contingent gathered in room 202AB for a discussion on cardiovascular outcomes and improved quality of care. Titled … Read more

Psychological and Social Influences on Cardiovascular Disease at #AHA19

Better understanding how depression, social isolation, and other psychosocial determinates of health interact with cardiovascular disease is a rapidly growing field of research. Unpacking the relationship between brain function, cardiovascular physiology, and health outcomes is no simple feat. A number of new studies presented on Saturday, November 16th at the “Depression and Psychosocial Influences on … Read more

Finding your way at a large national conference: tips and tricks

Attending a scientific conference can be daunting, especially for trainees. You’re still getting your sea legs so-to-speak with regard to your science, and on top of that, you may be presenting a poster or talk to an audience of the most distinguished researchers in your field. Many of us feel the same way, and it … Read more