Clinical Trials on VCID in Alzheimer’s Disease

This year at ISC19, Dr. Eliezer Masliah MD highlighted key ongoing trials on vascular cognitive impairment and dementia (VCID) in Alzheimer’s disease (AD)1. Currently, there are 140 AD trials at different stages of development covering a wide array of topics that include pharmacological, neuropsychiatric or caregiver interventions. Many of the pharmacological trials target vascular interactions of AD with VCID.

Key ongoing pharmacological trials at early stages include The Calibrex in patients with cognitive impairment at risk of AD2. Another key trial targets blood pressure and vasculature in individuals with mild cognitive impairment. A third trial investigates anti-hypertensive drugs to receptive blockers. This includes a number of anti-hypertensive drugs with neurocognitive function (as the primary outcome) in individuals with already mild cognitive impairment or AD.

Non-pharmacological trials include a study from Minnesota and UC San Diego with 300 participants – these participants are individuals with mild cognitive impairment, or very prodromal stages, that investigate the impact of aerobic exercise on cognition3. There are a number of measurements of blood flow, brain atrophy and other outcomes. Other examples include a trial targeting healthy diet interventions, comparing Mediterranean intervention with or without exercise looking at well-being and global cognition.

Many of the above trials will be reporting between 2019 and 2022, bridging key gaps in clinical management and treatment of VCID and Neurocognitive disorders. For more info on ongoing trials, please refer to:



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